Selected Repertoire Used in Teaching

Technique Books:

·      Elementary Method for Flute by Rubank
·      Intermediate Method for Flute by Rubank
·      Flute 101: Mastering the Basics by Phyllis Louke and Patricia George
·      Flute 102: Mastering the Basics by Phyllis Louke and Patricia George
·      The Flute Scale Book (A Path to Artistry) by Phyllis Louke and Patricia George
·      Practice Books by Trevor Wye
·      Complete Method for Rhythmical Articulation by P. Bona
·      90 Top Register Studies by Thomas Filas

·      Complete Method by Paul Taffanel and Philippe Gaubert
·      Complete Method by Henri Altès
·      The New Flute by Tilmann Dehnhard
·      Saxophonist’s Workbook by Larry Teal
·      Tone Development Through Extended Technique by Robert Dick
·      De La Sonorite by Marcel Moyse
·      Bach dances from: The well-tempered flutist, JS Bach (transcribed by Robert Stallman)
·      Check-Up: 20 Basic Studies by Peter-Lukas Graf
·      Seven Daily Exercises by Reichert
·      The Other Flute by Robert Dick
·      Tone Development Through Interpretation by Marcel Moyse
·      La Technique d’Embouchure by Philippe Bernold
·      Gammes et Arpèges by Marcel Moyse 


·      20 Easy and Melodic Progressive Etudes by Ernesto Köhler
·      Easy Jazz Etudes by Tilmann Dehnhard
·      18 Etudes by Tranquille Berbiguier
·      24 Progressive Studies, Op. 33 by Joachim Andersen annotated by Charles DeLaney edited by Eva Amsler
·      24 Concert Studies by Johann Sebastian Bach
·      24 Little Melodies by Marcel Moyse
·      Expressive Etudes compiled by Laura Barron
·      24 Caprices by Theobald Böhm
·      Tango Etudes by Piazzolla
·      Eight Salon Etudes by Johannès Donjon
·      20 Etudes Atonales by Julien Falk
·      Etudes for Flute by Katherine Hoover
·      30 Caprices by Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Extended Techniques
·      For the Younger Flutist: 10 Studies by Wil Offermans
·      24 Paper Blossoms by Ulrich Gasser
·      Flying Lessons Volume 1 and 2 by Robert Dick 

Solo Flute:

·      12 Fantasies by Georg Philipp Telemann
·      Sonata in A Minor by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
·      Les Folies d’Espagne by Marin Marais
·      Partita by Johann Sebastian Bach

·      4 Easy Pieces for solo flute by Braun (Ricordi)
·      The Little Prince, Op. 23a by Domeniconi (Margaux)
·      Hymn of Pan by Charles DeLaney
·      The Children Are Playing by Carl Nielsen
·      Requiem by Fukushima
·      Syrinx by Claude Debussy
·      Eight Little Pieces by Paul Hindemith
·      Danse de la Chèvre by Honegger
·      Kokopeli by Katherine Hoover
·      Three Preludes by Muczynski
·      Mei by Fukushima
·      Icicle by Robert Aitken
·      Density 21.5 by Edgard Varèse
·      The Great Train Ride by Clarke
·      Trois Pieces by Ferroud
·      Zoom Tube by Clarke
·      Fish Are Jumping by Robert Dick 

Solo Flute and Piano

·      Sonata in F Major by Handel
·      Sonata in G Major by Handel
·      Sonata in A Minor by Handel
·      Sonata in C Major by Handel
·      Concerto in G Major by Quantz
·      Concerto in C Major by Vivaldi
·      Sonata in Eb Major by JS Bach
·      Sonata in C Major by JS Bach
·      Sonata in G Minor by JS Bach
·      Sonata in A Major by JS Bach
·      Sonata in E Major by JS Bach
·      Sonata in E Minor by JS Bach
·      Sonata in B Minor by JS Bach

·      Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Gluck
·      Rondo in D Major by Mozart
·      Andante in C Major by Mozart
·      Concerto in C Major for Flute and Harp by Mozart
·      Concerto in G Major by Mozart
·      Concerto in D Major by Mozart
·      Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 by Mendelssohn

Paris Conservatory/Romantic
·      Aria by Roussel
·      Morceau de Concours by Faure
·      Vocalise by Rachmaninov
·      Meditation from Thais by Massenet
·      Suite de Trois Morceaux by Godard
·      Carnival of Venice, Op. 14 by Genin
·      Ballade by Reinecke
·      Hungarian Pastorale Fantasy by Franz Doppler
·      Air Suisse, Op. 20 by Theobald Böhm
·      Grand Solo No. 13, Op. 96 by Tulou
·      6 Fantaisies nationals, Op. 59 by Andersen
·      Gran Polonaise by Theobald Böhm
·      Sonata by Poulenc
·      Fantaisie by Hue
·      Carmen Fantasie by Borne
·      Piece by Faure
·      Concerto by Reinecke
·      Sonatine by Sancan
·      Sonatine by Dutilleux
·      Aggrestide by Bozza
·      Introduction, Theme and Variation on ‘Tronkne Blumen’ by Schubert

·      Aria by Jacques Ibert
·      The Fog Is Lifting by Carl Nielsen
·      Canzone by Samuel Barber
·      Suite Modale by Ernest Bloch
·      Flute Concerto by Malcolm Arnold
·      Serenade by Hanson
·      Sonata by Paul Hindemith
·      Sonatina by Eldin Burton
·      Duo for Flute and Piano by Aaron Copland
·      Poem by Charles T. Griffes
·      Sonata by Muczynski
·      Sonata by Otar Taktakishvili
·      Sonata by Martinů
·      Sonata by Prokofiev
·      Ballade by Frank Martin
·      Le Merle Noir by Messiaen
·      Sonata by Lowell Liebermann
·      Concerto by Jacques Ibert
·      Chant de Linos by Jolivet
·      Concerto by Carl Nielsen 

Chamber Music:

·      Extended Techniques: Double the Fun for two flutes by Louke
·      Duet for two flutes by Alessandro
·      Duo for two flutes by Frei
·      Duo for two flutes by Gasser
·      Duo for two flutes by Genzmer
·      Duo for two flutes by Imbescheid
·      Duo for two flutes by Kuhlau
·      Andante and Rondo, Op. 25 by Franz Doppler
·      Sonatine for two flutes, Op. 13 No. 3 by Hindemith
·      Mother Goose Suite arranged for Wind Quintet by Ravel
·      Wind Quintet by Ibert
·      Wind Quintet by Ligeti 


·      Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach (ISBN 9780743278904)
·      The Early Flute by Rachel Brown
·      The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green (ISBN 9780385231268)
·      Audition Success by Don Greene (ISBN 0878301216)
·      Performance Success by Don Greene (ISBN: 0878301224)
·      Grimm’s Fairy Tales (ISBN: 9781435114890)
·      Performance Power by Dr. Irmtraud Tarr Krüger (ISBN 1887210008)
·      The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (ISBN 9780547260693)
·      The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self by William Westney (ISBN 1574671456)